Top Secret: Indoor Cycle Training File

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For those riders who are ready to take their performance up a few levels this winter.

Indoor cycle training is a highly efficient way to train as well as being a safer and often more comfortable alternative to training outdoors during the cold, wet and dark winter months.

The winter phase of your training should be focused on developing your base aerobic endurance. Traditionally this was done via long slow distance training which is not often practical for busy athletes balancing work and family commitments.

Recent research indicates that many of the cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations associated with improved aerobic function can be obtained from short duration, high intensity training (i.e. you can get the same benefits from shorter harder sessions).

Pedalling efficiency is important to maximise the transfer of your energy from your lower body into your pedals and finally into forward momentum. For this development to occur the neuromuscular pathways from the brain to the muscles need to improve so the correct muscles are fired in the correct sequence over and over again. Winter is the ideal time to give your pedalling technique a revamp on the wind trainer.

Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Matty Graham has compiled an exclusive file that includes a combination of research based and results proven training sessions. Using a combination of time efficient high intensity training, padelling technique development and other specific endurance focused interval sets you will come out of winter with the best base possible to launch your summer training off.

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Top Secret: Indoor Cycle Training File

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